Kevin Labonte joins us to talk about March Against Monsanto and Open Source principles of the Green Party


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Eric Shepperd, fellow singularitarian, free thinker, and former member of Occupy London joins us to wax philosophical about the technological singularity and the future.

The Bridge – Eric Shepperd from Jim Hamell on Vimeo.

Two exciting discussions this week. Firstly Jae Sabol of the One Community Project joins us to discuss the practicality of Open Source in community building followed by Lee Camp discussing his comedy career, his Moment of Clarity web shorts, and his activism.

The Bridge – Jae Sabol & Lee Camp from Jim Hamell on Vimeo.


Anthony Verberkmoes from Occupy London Canada joins us to discuss left anarchist organizational structures from both an historical and modern perspective

The Bridge – Anthony Verberkmoes from Jim Hamell on Vimeo.

Sean Tilley from Diaspora

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Sean Tilley from Diaspora speaks about Open Source and it’s possible application in social systems and infrastructure

The Bridge – Sean Tilley from Jim Hamell on Vimeo.


Ok well the opening sequence for the show is done. I’d like to thank Ben Stewart and Hierosonic for their use of the song ‘Paper Nation’.

The Bridge Opening from Jim Hamell on Vimeo.

“What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.” ~ Nietzsche

‘The Bridge’ is a social commentary and Open Source advocacy podcast dealing with the coming technological singularity and how it will affect society in the coming years. I believe that the unfolding of democratizing technology will start an Open Source revolution where new techniques and skills in networked organization coupled with exponential technological growth will render our current plutocracy as impotent and irrelevant. What I want to achieve with this podcast is to actually bridge the political gap between the left and the right with a new, and proven, form of organizing that takes values from across the political spectrum. I hope to have guests on from all walks of life and many different opinions, from Libertarians to Occupy and everyone in between.  Maybe we can all sit down and figure this shit out!

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Jim Hamell

Futurist, Social Commentator, Singularitarian, Activist, Open Source Advocate

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